PhD Student in Laser spectroscopy of muonic atoms to measure nuclear magnetic radii

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Samstag, 24. Dezember 2016

ETH Zürich

Region Zurich

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The Institute for Particle Physics at the Department of Physics, ETH Zurich, invites applications for a
PhD Student in Laser spectroscopy of muonic atoms to measure nuclear magnetic radii
The successful candidate will be involved in the development of the multidisciplinary experiment which is in between low energy particle physics, nuclear physics, atomic physics and laser physics. The aim of the experiment is the measure the hyperfine splitting in muonic hydrogen, an atom formed by a negative muon and a proton. Your task will be divided into four packages. The first is to simulate the experiment, from muonbeams, diffusion of atoms, detectors, and laser induced excitation probabilities in order to optimise the design of the experiment. The second, to develop parts of the cutting-edge laser system. The third, to prepare and participate in various beam times towards the measurement of the muonic transition. The fourth, to analyse data and publish the results.
We are looking for a highly enthusiastic young researcher who is willing to work in a cooperative international project in low energy particle physics and laser physics. You have to hold a master in physics, have strong computing abilities and must be willing to learn various experimental and technical skills. Good knowledge of English is mandatory.Our institution is based on an interdisciplinary, innovative and dynamic collaboration. You will profit from a systematic training on the job, in addition to personal development possibilities and our pronounced vocational training culture. If you wish to optimally combine work and family life or other personal interests, we are able to support you with our modern employment conditions and the on-site infrastructure. You will also be part of the CREMA collaboration and therefore have the opportunity to collaborate with scientists from France, Switzerland, Portugal and Germany. The medium size of the experiment together with the multi-disciplinary environment provides an ideal training ground for a PhD student. You can develop and refine not only the understanding of the fundaments of physics but also of various cutting-edge technologies and skills. The successful candidate will be inscribed at ETH Zurich for the doctoral program (D-PHYS, IPP, Prof. Dr Klaus Kirch).
For further information please contact Dr. Aldo Antognini, by phone +41 56 310 46 14 or email

Applications should be submitted online to: ETH Zurich, Roland Munz, Human Resources, CH-8092 Zurich. Applications via email will not be considered.