Blockchain Developer Wanted (Solidity, Ethereum)

Inserat Nr.

Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017

Smart Security Systems AG


per Sofort


We have a project where data generated by smart sensors will need to be recorded via blockchain and then certain events will be triggered based on data recorded using smart contracts.

We need a brilliant IT/CompSci/Maths student with skills in blockchain, ethereum, solidity; preferably also experience programming micro-controllers that will communicate between sensors and the blockchain

It can be fixed-length contract initially, internship or fixed-term contract (distance work possible). Later on permanent contracts as well as vested interest in our startup (transfer of shares) will be possible. We are advised by a top team of executives from the Silicon Valley as well as Swiss innovation scene at EPFL (sister university of ETH in Lausanne). The project will be exciting and guided by very talented mentors. We have a great team of business mentors, engineers and visionaries on board and will gladly welcome a developer on board to help us take our startup to the next level.

Our website is

Please contact us via - we promise to carefully consider and respond to each applicant. Send us whatever you think presents you well! (P.S. if you don't hear from us in 3 days, please reach out by phone 079 596 5876 (Dr Stefan Meyer)