3 Postdoctoral Researchers in the field of "Metabolism of Pollutants on the Landscape Scale"

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Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2016

Universität Tübingen


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CAMPOS - Catchments as Reactors:
Metabolism of Pollutants on the Landscape Scale

CAMPOS is a new Collaborative Research Center (CRC) for long-term multidisciplinary research in the field of pollutant turnover on the catchment scale starting in January 2017. It aims at identifying reactive zones and landscape elements controlling storage, biogeochemical transformation, or elimination of pollutants, at identifying the respective processes and their dynamics, as well as at developing a new modeling framework to simulate and predict reactive transport and pollutant behavior on the landscape scale.

CAMPOS seeks for 15 Doctoral Researchers (3 years, 75% TV-L E13) and 3 Postdoctoral Researchers (up to 4 years, 100% TV-L E13/14) starting between January and July 2017 for the following eight collaborative projects:

1 - Assessing Pollutant Turnover in Rivers

PhD P1/1: Field and model based assessment of in-stream contaminant transformation

PhD P1/2: Chemical analysis & bioassays towards detection of environmental processes

2 - Pollutant Turnover in the Groundwater - Stream Transition Zone

PhD P2/1: Biogeochemical transformation in the groundwater-surface water transition zone

PhD P2/2: Transformation of organic micropollutants in sub-catchments

PhD P2/3: Microbial controls of nitrogen cycling in groundwater-stream transition zones

3 - Structural Controls of the Hydrological Functioning of a Floodplain

PhD P3/1: Assessment of dynamic groundwater flow in floodplains

PhD P3/2: Geophysical & hydraulic assessment of a floodplain

4 - Floodplain Biochemistry

PhD P4/1: Floodplain biogeochemistry and pollutant turnover

PhD P4/2: Analysis of speciation, sorption and transformation of glyphosate

PhD P4/3: Spatial-temporal dynamics of microbes in floodplain sediments

5 - Pollutant Turnover and Storage in Fractured Aquifers

PhD P5/1: Molecular ecology - In situ microbial community composition and metabolic capabilities

PhD P5/2: Environmental microbiology and geo-microbiology (denitrification, pyrite oxidation)

6 - Soils

PhD P6/1: Inventory and release characteristics of agrochemicals

PhD P6/2: Microbial regulation of atrazine and MCPA degradation

7 - Stochastic Modeling Framework

Postdoc P7/1: Stochastic soil-crop modeling

Postdoc P7/2: Stochastic reactive transport modeling

8 – Conceptual Model Uncertainty

Postdoc P8/1: Stochastic analysis of model legitimacy

PhD P8/2: Stochastic optimal design (100% TV-L E13)

More information can be found at www.campos.uni-tuebingen.de

Please submit applications to info@campos.uni-tuebingen.de (ONE pdf-file, max. 5MB). Applications should clearly indicate to which position they refer and include a letter of motivation, a CV, transcripts or degree certificates including grades, proof of special qualifications, prints of publications if applicable, and a list of at least two referees.

The participating institutions want to increase the number of female researchers and specifically encourage female candidates to apply. Special gender-equality measures will be emplaced within CAMPOS. Disabled persons will be preferred in case of equal qualification.