PhD in Natural Language Processing

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Montag, 11. Februar 2019

ETH Zurich


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We have a fully-funded PhD student position in natural language processing available at the ETH Zurich. The ideal candidate has a background and a strong interest in natural language processing (NLP), computational linguistics, information retrieval and/or artificial intelligence. He/she has an MSc in Computer Science or a related area, is an excellent programmer, a good communicator and a team player. 

You will join our team working on natural language processing research for scientific journal articles, making contributions to a diverse range of research problems such as document retrieval, text alignment, automatic summarization and natural language generation. We apply our research by developing novel interfaces that use NLP to assist scientists in the exploration and assimilation of the scientific literature. 

To apply, send your CV, motivation letter, and MSc transcript to Onur Gökce (

For some of our recent work, see: 

Nikolov, N. I., Pfeiffer, M., & Hahnloser, R. H. R. (2018). Data-driven Summarization of Scientific Articles. Retrieved from

Lipkind, D., Zai, A. T., Hanuschkin, A., Marcus, G. F., Tchernichovski, O., & Hahnloser, R. H. R. (2017). Songbirds work around computational complexity by learning song vocabulary independently of sequence. Nature Communications, 8(1).