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Liris Tech SA


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If you love programming but dream to be more than just a software engineer, come work with us! Full-stack developer role with all-round responsibilities in sales, business development and more.            

Developer & Partner at Tech Start-up

Who we are

Liris Tech SA provides a first-of-its-kind web application and services to Swiss doctors. Currently focused on an information system for Ophthalmologists, our solution revolutionises the industry with its user-focused product design, modern cloud-based technologies and true customer service philosophy.

Since its inception in 2015, our team has fully developed its flagship product LIRIS and acquired a strong client base leading to a month-on-month growing revenue. We already work with some of the largest public hospitals and private clinics in the country and have a strong potential to grow our business cross-disciplines and internationally.

A passion for quality work, constant self-improvement and bettering the world is what drives us. At the centre of the company are four bright minds: two EPFL/ETHZ engineers, currently based in Zürich, and two medical doctors active in Suisse romande hospitals.


Shape your own future

Whether you are a student or an experienced developer, join our start-up to bring your multi-disciplinary skills and responsibilities to the next level. You will:

  • Become an accomplished and independent software engineer and entrepreneur
  • Build new software solutions from scratch as well as improve existing products
  • Experience direct feedback for your contributions from the clients who you will help acquire and support
  • Have an impact, as a core team member, on the company’s long-term strategy
  • Receive a substantial amount of company shares

In order to achieve that, we are looking for a great developer who will play an important part in growing our company, products and customers base. We also seek to meet a driven individual who can grow into a truly equal partner in the team; someone we can both teach to and learn from.

Key areas in which you will acquire direct experience:

  • Mainly: Full-stack web development including UI design, code architecture, implementation, testing and in-production deployment
  • Sales: strategy, pitches, deployments, training and support for new and existing clients
  • Devops: management of databases, servers, backup systems and scaling
  • More: Marketing (conferences, advertisement), pricing, finance, etc.


In more details

There are no hard requirements as we are looking for a mind-set rather than specific skills. But you should preferably have:

  • 1+ year experience in software development (may include internships or personal projects). You will be asked to present in-depth a substantial project illustrating well-thought design and implementation
  • Some real-world experience with web development and its technologies or, alternatively, with non-mainstream languages such as functional, data-driven or logic programming
  • Business level German for clients (Native level Swiss-German a plus!) and business level English or French
  • Easy commute to Zürich city. Occasional remote work possible

Here are some of the technologies we currently use, in case you already know any:

  • Code: Meteor, Coffeescript, ES6+, Blaze/React, NodeJS, Electron, Npm, Less
  • Front-end: UI/UX design, mobile app development, graphic design, SVG/Illustrator
  • Back-end: MongoDB, REST APIs, web/micro services, performance and scaling technics
  • Devops: Dockers, Linux (Debian), web-app live deployments platforms, security tools

And here’s more of what we value:

  • Passion for continuous learning, exploration of new ideas and challenging ourselves
  • “Outside of the box” thinking mind-set towards business and programming challenges
  • Sense of responsibility and aptitude in taking ownership of one’s work and mistakes
  • Ability to be efficient and meeting deadlines, while aiming for the highest standards of quality
  • Affinity for measured risks, lean start-up environments and our home-based office
  • Willingness to have fun and fool around (a plus for liking long-winded debates while having a drink ;)


Sounds interesting? We’d love to hear from you: